Artisanal Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix

crafted for the bloody mary enthusiast

Ending the Pursuit of the Perfect Bloody Mary

Along this journey, we've come across innovators that have taken this provocative and complicated cocktail to new heights with interesting twists. Toma blends the richness of the tomato with the tangy, tart acidity of the tomatillo.


Why The Tomatillo?

It brings balance to the fatty foods we love to indulge in during brunch. Tomatillos add an unexpected note of acid (like the citrus zing of a lime) and a non-sweet fruitiness that works well with savory dishes.


Flavor Profile

We believe that a Bloody Mary should be made from scratch, which is why our unique blend is made with our own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha, and steak sauce.


The Perfect Host

Whether you're hosting guests in your home for a luxurious brunch or you want the Bloody Marys to keep flowing after you've left your favorite brunch spot, rest assured you'll be the perfect host with Toma.


Brunch All day

OK, let's admit it... the best meal of the day is brunch! Have you ever lost track of time while brunchin' with friends, as if the day could go on forever and the weekend would never end? We have too and when we want to recreate that feeling, we reach for Toma.


We've been humbled by your feedback! Thank you.

Sharyn K.

"Everyone at the party was asking where I got it so they could stock their own liquor cabinets!"

Gabriela S.

"The flavor profile is unbelievable! This is spicy, but it's the perfect balance of heat and flavor."

REbecca S.

"Toma was delicious!! All of our guests loved it. Just shake, pour and enjoy!"